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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Former Nigerian goal keeper Dosu joseph says Nigerian problem of wining the gold Olympic medal was from management not players

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1st african goal keeper to win Olympic gold medal who is proudly a super eagle player known as  Joseph dosu
He was interview yesterday by tvc agent  jokeh

he stated where he started football training which are ..
 Julius Berger and Highlanders of jos
high landers of jos..he spent almost six years in juluis Berger ...while training

He ...currently own a football training camp...where he train upcoming footballers and send them to Europe for review

According to question asked him during the interview:
What was your inspiration:
He said himself ...and he look up to God for salvation
And he also tells his team to see him as their inspiration
Why do you think Nigeria didn't win A gold in Rio Olympics:
he said Nigeria winning a gold medal isn't a problem from players he said the problem is from Nigeria football management
What is your feeling when you see football superstars in television:
he said he wasn't envying those above him...
as he had accident that ends his career...from there he knew he couldn't make it up with his career pursue ...he also gives kudos to Nigerian footballer who entered politics thereby making it clear that politic isnt part of his life .....

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