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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Wesley lopes a brazilian footballer who was pronoused dead this morning returns back and says " Am very mich alive"

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Wesley lopes have been confirmed very much alive as he was falsely pronounced dead.... This morning... 
He said he dont know whether they person who casted out this... News.. Was trying to make joke of him... Or not.... 

 As was said byRomanian media  he suffered a heart attack at training and died. But he has now come out to deny and slam the reports.

Addressing  Romanian website, ProSport, Wesley Lopes said;

'I heard that somebody killed me. What a joke! 'I am better and healthier than ever. Even now I am with my wife and my son and we feel good. I do not know where this bad news came from. I think someone wanted to make a joke.' I am very much alive'

'Calm down! Wesley’s got long to live.'

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