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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

$20 million dollars discovered lately ,patience hotel worth of N10bn at risk

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Patience Jonathan might forsake her 10bn naira hotel to federal govt if she fail to give details of how she come about $20 million traced in her account with different names 

This is one of the questions she may have to answer as the EFCC continues investigation into the $20m found in five accounts she has laid claim to.”
As punch revealed from source that they are uncovering more details about her accounts 

Aridolf Resort wellness and Spa Yenagoa
These are the hotel owned by patience which was launched the a month before president Goodluck retire as president in 2015

The hotel has all adequate features and art furnitures to compete with other developed country hotels according UK business newspaper .

The report states in part:
The Aridolf Hotel in Yenagoa is an unlikely monument to kitsch on a reclaimed swamp in Nigeria’s oil-producing Niger Delta. In the lobby, Louis XIV furniture is accompanied by bowls of plastic fruit, faux Dutch landscapes and a grotesquely gaudy chandelier. The hotel is redolent of the riches on display in a region that for half a century has generated the bulk of Nigeria’s wealth.

“The Aridolf, which is owned by Patience Jonathan, wife of the former President, is symptomatic of how superficial progress has been in addressing the festering sense of marginalisation in the region, which remains desperately impoverished despite benefiting from a tide of petro dollars in recent years.”

As the presidential advisory committee made it clear that EfCC has the right to investigate spy on anybody leaving in her means,
A senior advocate in Nigeria Sagay who have wondered how patience Jonathan has billions in her account without acquiring any governmental position

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