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Saturday, 24 September 2016

4 Bucania cult members arrested in UNILAG ( university of Lagos ).

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4 potential graduates from university of Lagos was arrested in Akoka for indulging in cultism act.

The arrested which was conducted by SCIID ( state criminal investigation and intelligence Department )
The four suspect caught was charged of been a member at Aloral Bucania ,the suspect include Raheem Yusuf, 21, Adedoyin Adeyemi Abraham,24, Olanrewaju Idowu, 36, and Safraini Oluyemi Peters
According to the state police this suspect were responsible for breaching public peace on August 4th at 9:30am at room 318 in unilag hall .
Perhaps according to the state police their proposed action have not been declared known .
Adebayo oladede who is a prosecutor have revealed to court that their offence contravened section 409 under subsection 42(a)(b)Of criminal law of Lagos state Nigeria 2011.
As stated their recent activity include 
* intimidating professor for high grades and threatens  in
*burning cars 
And abduction of children.
As of 2005 record with the police it also have been revealed that the cult society have been into cyber crime ,kidnapping and political crime .

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