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Saturday, 10 September 2016

6 U.S.A citizens together with a Nigerian sentenced to jail for online fraud

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A Nigerian man and 6 U.S.A citizens sentenced to jail for fraud Worthing over $ 40 million 
The criminals who was investigated by U.S immigration and custom enforcement known as I.C.E

The suspects who are known as funson Hassan who is 27 years old from Ibadan Nigeria 
Anthony Shane who is currently 44 years old from Marysville tennese 
Both if them were sentenced to 10 years in imprisonment .

While others whose their judgement surpass been in jail for 10 years was given 5 years imprison
They all include as follow :
Ann louise Franzen who is 70 years from Mississippi;
Gary Melvin Bernard who is 64 years from palestian 
Michele Gaylee Fee who is 55 years old from Stockton California 
Tanya Lynn Thomas who is 52 years from Turlock California
And last 
Shawn Ann White who is 44 years from Manteca .

Special Agent in Charge of HSI New Orleans Raymond R. Parmer, Jr....
 Raymond  is the Special Agent in Charge of the New Orleans field office with responsibility for Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

Said below

"Financial crimes and identity theft have a devastating effect on the victims and our financial institutions,” 

“We will continue to aggressively investigate and bring to justice the criminal enterprises who perpetrate these financial crimes.”

From ICE they revealed that suspected admiited guilty of their offense on April 12th
Which they contravened with mails and interstate facilty in order to distribute racketeering activity ,Bernard Fee and Franzen together with Thomas with White who pleaded guilty and assured to submit identity theft

All this suspects have been discovered to be into scamming like romans scam check fraud dating sites which is known as Yahoo Yahoo in 
Nigeria.. As their first scan was with romance scam...
What a world ..

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