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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Nlollywood actor kalu ikeagwu arrested by security operatives in Lagos

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Kalu ikeagwu a famous  Nollywood actor who was married in recent times ,has been arrested in his house officially by security operatives in ogba Lagos
And he is currently been charge of relating to a case of robbery and homicide which took place in Abuja .

According to Ecomuim:
Kalu was arrested and now in for interrogation of a stolen phone which he bought which was connected to a robbery incident on which a victims was killed .
As he was approached at his home for arrest he seriously argued with the security agent and refuse to move with them for questioning ,at this the security agents took strong measure by pointing a gun at him to abide by their order .
While his wife and daughter are reportedly left in tears .

But as he was so fortunate he was later released and now he is home explaining that his personal assistant bought a stolen phone for him in computer village located at Lagos 
On which the  theives that stoled the phone ,murdered a victim at the robbery moment .

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