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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

ASUU denies going on skrike October 2nd as media reports spreads rumour .

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ASUU ( academic staff Union) has openly denied planning on strike by denying media reports over rumour they have spread..
The rumor which had been going goes like this:
The agency NAN quoted the chairman of university of Abuja chapter yesterday Ben Ugheoke that the Union will under go a one week warning strike in order to achieve the agreement reach by the federal govt in 2009.

In interview with premium times ugheoke made it clear that their Union isn't embarking on any full strike or warning strike denying the report made by NAN.

See quoted text below:
“A certain reporter in NAN is responsible for this damage. As a result of this falsified report, I am facing a panel later tonight from ASUU National body. I have reached out to the NAN reporter and he told me it was a mix-up. He also begged me to save his job. We have never given a date for any form of strike, whether warning strike or full blown strike. There was nothing like a date fixed for a strike” he said.
He also added that he wish that a penalty is asserted to the false report that has been ...hovering around ...

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