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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Crisis between Hausa and Fulani in Lagos 3 killed others injured (photos)

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At the crisis on Wednesday in Lagos state Abattoir in Agege hausa and fulani trader were in some clash  which more than 3 people were killed while some were rushed to hospital for medical treatment

As  punch observed six vehicles were destroyed by the angry groups
Forces were deployed in the scene in order for peace and order to reign again 

They Hausa who blamed the fulani to be in support of government to demolish the structures to facilitates easy rail transport of their cows from North to abattoir

A trader, Jimoh Umoru who was a witness , said crisis erupted after a Hausa woman was assaulted and embarrassed  by a Fulani man, who had bought food from her and refused to pay is bill

He said,
“The Hausa are majorly scrap collectors, and they ply their trade around the railway line where they also built their shanties.

“On Saturday, the government demolished their shanties and shops and many of them were displaced and lost their means of livelihood. They felt that their Fulani brothers, who deal in cattle, were behind what happened to them.

“The matter came to a head on Tuesday after a Fulani man bought food from a Hausa woman, and refused to pay. There was argument between them and the man assaulted the girl. That was how the two tribes started fighting each other.

“Around 1am on Wednesday, some of the Fulani youths invaded the apartments of the Hausa and killed some of them.

“By 5am, the Hausa launched a reprisal and injured many of the Fulani and destroyed their property. The Hausa suffered higher casualties.”

The Anonymous trader who stands as a withness about the crisis blames cattle leaders for the cause of crisis saying that they were not tolerant about others 

“The Fulani in the market are not tolerant. Any little disagreement, they would start threatening mayhem. The government should be proactive because the Hausa have vowed to avenge their slain brothers. The battle is always at night when people have gone to bed. We are not safe,” he added.

When Punch approached the Hausa group in the market, they declined comment.

“We lost three of our people. We won’t say more than that. At the right time, we will call the press,” one of them, who did not identify himself, said.

The leader of miyetti Allah cattle breeders Association of Nigeria ,lamented over 20 of their members been injured and their vehicles vandalised 

Jikantoro who explained that what prompted up the angry Hausa was  that Seriki Fulani refused to fight for them when their structures were demolished..

“There was a misunderstanding between some Fulani men and the scrap dealers and truck pushers operating in the railway line.

“The issue was not properly handled and it escalated. But with the intervention of the police, calm has been restored. The major cause of all this was the demolition carried out on the railway line.”

Information reaching the police was about 1am in the morning that there a serious fight between Hausa and fulani

She said, “At about 1am today, we received a distress call that there was a serious fight between the Hausa and the Fulani communities in the Abattoir. The report indicated that the crisis started after a young Hausa woman was beaten by a Fulani man.

“It degenerated into serious fight and subsequent destruction of property. The command’s operatives from Area G, RRS and Abattoir division were moved in to quell the crisis and normalcy has been returned to the area.”

The state police arrested two suspect in order to maintain peace between 2 groups

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