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Sunday, 11 September 2016

EFCC discovered $5 million at patience Jonathan account

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The EFCC Economic and financial crimes commission who has traced $5 million from patience Jonathan account who is the former 1st lady of federal republic of Nigeria.

This money which have been traced have sum up to $20 million dollar to have been discovered on several occasions
About investigation into money laundering case against former special adviser domestic to former president Goodluck 

The EFCC who have charged Dudafa and other companies charged in trace with the Investigation.
The company include pluto property ,investment company ,Seagate property development ,Trans ocean property & Globus integrated service ..whose account have been frozen due to investigation going on

Source revealed to EFCC that

 “While we were investigating Dudafa, we traced the four companies to him. The companies have domiciliary accounts at Skye Bank with a balance of about $15m. So, we obtained a court order and froze the accounts.

“We then traced the directors of the companies who then denied ownership of the accounts. It was later that we were informed that the accounts belonged to Patience Jonathan and that she is the sole signatory to the accounts. She was given a special card which she used in making withdrawals across the world.

“We, therefore, wondered why the accounts were not opened in her name if she had nothing to hide. In fact, we later found out that her personal account, which bears her name, has a balance of $5m. One wonders where a person, who has never held a government position, got the money from. She was not our initial target but she certainly has questions to answer.”

Jonathan patience who have reacted aggressivel by seeing Skye Bank to court for allowing EFCC access his account and giving them vital information about his account information
Filling up to N200 million Fundamental rights enforcement against Skye Bank PLC .

The EFCC who have now filed up 17 counts against Dudafa and seven other people including companies for conspiring to conceal $15million which they considered to have been unlawful
Somari in affidavit filed for patience who is abroad for medical treatment saying that is was Dudafa who helped patience in opening up the four frozen account

In her right which she issued out he orders EFCC to remove the NO debit order on which the place on her account with immediate effect 
Under section 44 of the Constitution she orders courts for Skye Bank to pay her 200m for violation of her right 
EFCC will arraign dudafa and his colleagues in federal high Court for money laundering.

Case to resume on September 2015

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