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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Efcc officer caught in bribery of 15m from a legislative staff ,arrested by EFCC.

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Its is well known now that even angels eat beans .
September 15th ,2016 Agbazue uzodimma Kingsley an Efcc staff has been caught for extortion of money which is about 15m+
From a lawmaker for the offense of criminal conspiracy.

Agbazue who has a post of DDS( deputy detective superintendent ) was casted out by lawmaker who is under the custody of EFCC revealed that Agbazue collected 15m from him with a promise to cool down the arising investigation.

According to source :
Agbazue who approached him claiming that the case has been settled by the officer in charge..
 That he should k*ll the case immediately .meanwhile ,
   The officer in charge of the investigation who was unaware of Agbazues plan, refused in killing the case as suggested by Agbazue.
Agbazue who have reluctantly lavished the money was hopeless when a refund was demanded by the lawmaker who can't stand  against the case anymore .
According to the lawmaker :
He said when he asked for money refund Agbazue gave him 5 million naira saying 10million has been used to settle "oga at the top" in order to diminish the case.
Agbazue who will be subjected to Administrative action as precursor to possible prosecution at the End of the investigation as EFCC will not tolerate compromising cases under investigation.

Source: EFCC

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