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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Facts to consider before upgrading to a new mobile device .

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We often have always aimed higher in life which made us a non-stop developing animals
     Technology have helped us a lot that we tend to forget it's disadvantages over us ,by the way
" Thanks to the Father's of Technology "
  It have come to our notice that recent mobile devices been launched nowadays tends to have one fault or the other specifically exploding faults due to amazing features impacted in it to serve human better and to make life very easy and enjoyable.

For example Samsung which have recorded some quantum number of newly released devices to may have fallen faulty at the hand of the user due a little technical error it may have obtained at construction stage.
 According to Samsung they have sold more than 400,000 devices at South Korea and which may have been faulty , some of the faulty reasons  which they have recorded so far are "exploding batteries ,and battery drop down during charge".
Reportedly Samsung have started x- raying their newly mobile devices in search error ,Thanks to them by the way .

 Things to consider before upgrading to a new device :

* Before upgrading to a new device ensure to have reviewed the features, it capabilities and compare it with your current mobile device and check their differences if there is much difference on which is a good value in the difference then you upgrade .

* Try not to be the first and try not to be the last and try to review other people impression about the device before jumping into it .

Now to all my mates there who can't afford all this flying exploding mobile device there are phone which are far more handy and suitable for use .
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Written by Austin.

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