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Friday, 30 September 2016

Foolish Young man caught as he lavish his share of ransom kidnapping money.!

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Lagos police have arrested two notoriois Kidnappers who kidnapped 3 land Lord and their physical trainer around Garden Estate which is in lekki along Lagos Ibadan road some weeks ago.
One of the suspect goes as James kegbe alias JJ, a native of Arogbo in Ese Odo area ondo  state.
He was arrested as he was spending 1.2 million as his share in their work of 12million.

According to source he was arrested by inspector General of police intelligence response team in Ondo state ..
He allegedly confessed out information about belonging to gangs whom abducted the kidnapped landlord and also called out other members
Who include Julius ,victor ,Trust ,senior man ,John and Prince 

Police who are currently on chase of others.

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