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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Graphic photo : 18 years teenage attempted suicide because of a Ghanaian rapper

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An 18 year old  girl who attempted suicide was says to be a tech ...
She said she met the rapper at Instagram and the zinged ,according to her they have engaged in  many s*xual intercourse but the rapper who still remind her of not Been in relation with her

The happily take photos together after hanging out with each other ...
But the case begins as fans blows up insult at the girl the rapper hangs out with as he post it on his social media page 

But what spice up the incident occurring is when the Ghanaian rapper denied her in front of fans..that's when she attempted killng herslef at bathroom....

She seem very much alive as she apologizes to the world and also caution them in spreading rumour about her been dead
See her quoted tweets..

"Good afternoon Ghana, It’s me Mary, the girl that her pictures are going round on social media and others are saying I’m dead. I want to tell everyone that I’m alive so stop spreading my pictures that I’m dead…. I’m alive and this is my hand that I cut, I’m okay by God’s grace so to all Ghanaians I’m so sorry for what I did." she said.

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