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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Hillary Clinton praises barack obama and his family as she disses Donald Trump for tackle to Obama .

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Yesterday Hillary Clinton a campaigning candidate for presidency in the united state of America have praised barack obama for been a good citizen of America while she disses Donald trump for tackling Barack Obama :
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"I know I speak for not just everyone in this room, but so many tens of millions of Americans," Clinton said during a pointed speech at the congressional Black Caucus gala in Washington DC., "Mr. President, not only do we know you are an American. You are a great American. And you make us all proud to be Americans, too.”
The Candidate who have dropped a good and floating remarks on Mr President praising him and his family for working at their best to serve the country .

Clinton who have continuously quoted Michelle as she said
  "When others go low, we go high."

As she added more on the speech on which she revealed during the black caucus

"It comes to who will fight for the forgotten, who will invest in our children, and who will really have your back in the white house,” she added.

Trump who have finally admitted and confirmed Barack Obama been born in united state as his birth certificate says  he made this announcement at a press conference in Washington DC hotel on Friday.

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