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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Ijaw mothers women Union defend patience Jonathan : saying she has right to own whatever she have owned

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According to the reports recently bursted about patience Jonathan illegal properties and  fraudulent funds suming more than $20million dollars hosted by her in different account.
Look at what people are saying about EFCC actions in a vanguard interview .

“I will commend Mrs Patience Jonathan because if this is the allegation against her, then it is funny. So you mean the wife of a former deputy governor, governor, Vice President, Acting President and President cannot own this kind of money, yet wife of President Muhammadu Buhari that is less than two years in office can travel with the kind of bag as alleged recently? Then this is a funny country. If high-profile government officials,can own properties in Dubai, yet we say wife of a former President can’t own this money, then Nigeria is a laughing stock. EFCC should follow the law.”she said
The national coordinator and a lawyer oghenejabor ikimi has  laid his own point of view saying that even at all this positions that the amount of fund she posses was frightening.. ..
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Patience should be investigated on how she got the money. We agree that she was the wife of a Deputy Governor, Governor, Vice President and lastly President. The sum is frightening, knowing that her office, even as First Lady, does not attract remuneration. Even if it did attract cash benefits, was it in dollars and how much did she receive? If the anti-graft agencies find her to have amassed such wealth illegally, she should be tried to face the music. She is not bigger than the country as former First Lady.”

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