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Monday, 5 September 2016

Latest cheat on Airtel 20gb September 2016

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This airtel cheat for  #200 for 20gigabyte has been trending since last month now...I have tested it and have choose to share with you guys because sharing is caring ,always

It's kinda very easy than other tweaking trick on Airtel at former post (Read here to see tweaking cheat on Airtel)

But I strongly think Airtel is kinda having a bad time with there machine ...let me not emphasis on this too much let's just go straight to the point ..
Requirement :

Load #200 on Your airtel sim and dial up
* 688#reply with
Or load up 300 for 100gb still dial the same code
Select 2 in the options brought out for you
2 to get 20gb valid for 25days ...
This trick works on 3g..unlike the other pack brought out by Airtel that only works on 2g network

We will make more research on how you can use it on your PC and other applications...
For now it only works in opera and Google chrome
And for download don't worry it download faster
Subscribe below and be notified when there's update... Leave a comment if you scale through

Dial *140# to check the bal

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