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Saturday, 3 September 2016


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                                    LATEST MTN CHEAT ON SEPTEMBER 2016

Hello  friends I have  researched a lot and still on researching  about break down on free megabyte  which was broke  down  when   MTN

 upgraded  their  database .
By doing so  they thereby putting  a stop  on our  free megabyte  which we  have been flexing  for so long which was hosted and managed 

 by SIMPLE  SERVER  , SIMPLE SERVER which have  help ed our  lives for so long especially  we Nigerians

Now  that  free browsing  is now a tough thing  in Nigeria ,I have come  up with  this little observations of mine so I decided to share them 

with  you  ….in order  to enjoy  double of  what you subscribed see a little trick you  need to undergo
                 I will take them step by step …

·          Requirements

·          You must have a smartphone

·          Go and purchase yourself a new sim that start with 070….

·          Register the sim and  wait  for mtn to message  you

Once you have receive a messages like * phone bonus & welcome  message

Then you can go ahead and subscribe by buying a data bundle ,any data bundle you buy will be doubled
I recently bought 3gb data plan and I was given 6gb instantly you can do this …is not that  hard
And also any amount you recharge you will get 500% bonus which so big ,as I recharged  #1000 I was given  #5000
So with all this I now decided to share with you guys what I have been enjoying for like 2  month now

Secondly AIRTEL :
this for Airtel
For people  who have  been battling over using  blackberry bundle on their Android device  is kinda more tough than 1st step

1st you are to tweak your IMEI I mean change to blackberry IMEI in order to work this where you get creative …lol

To change your IMEI  READ 

After changing you IMEI do not rush and subscribe  to any blackberry subscription yet ….there is a specific code  for blackberry 

subscription  which  ……..*431# you will be charged #1000 for it …..then you will then enjoy  your  blackberry 3gb subscription ….on your android device if you have tweaked your IMEI successfully ….

Leave your comment  if there is any questions I will reply  you within 1 hour
Remember to share …sharing is caring …this post  will stands as featured post which you can see at side bar anytime you log in to this website ….enjoy   

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