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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

(Photos) Sanusi Emir of kano meets Pope Francis with handshake.

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Pope Francis who have called out to various world leaders to to come to asisi for the theme " thirst of peace "
Sanusi who was there was pictured with a handshake to Pope Francis as you see in the picture above 

In the speech of a meeting the Pope was reportedly said :
“We have come to Assisi as pilgrims in search of peace.

According to source Pope Francis revealed this at the meeting with various leaders from different Christian churches ecclesial community :

“Before Christ Crucified, ‘the power and wisdom of God’ (1 Cor 1:24), we Christians are called to contemplate the mystery of Love not loved and to pour out mercy upon the world.

We carry within us and place before God the hopes and sorrows of many persons and peoples:  we thirst for peace; we desire to witness to peace.

Above all, we need to pray for peace, because peace is God’s gift, and it lies with us to plead for it, embrace it, and build it every day with God’s help.”

On the Cross, the tree of life, evil was transformed into good; we too, as disciples of the Crucified One, are called to be ‘trees of life’ that absorb the contamination of indifference and restore the pure air of love to the world.

“From the side of Christ on the Cross water flowed, that symbol of the Spirit who gives life (cf. Jn 19:34); so that from us, his faithful, compassion may flow forth for all who thirst today.”

 Pope John Paul II said: ‘Peace is a workshop, open to all and not just to specialists, savants and strategists. 

Peace is a universal responsibility’

Let us assume this responsibility, reaffirming today our ‘yes’ to being, together, builders of the peace that God wishes for us and for which humanity thirsts.”

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