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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Sad!...A man killed in Lagos after celebrating winning a lottery !

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Ejike onyejekwe who lived in 21 road ,k cloee festac who currently won a lottery of a huge sum of money was stabbed to death in Festac town area of lagos .

As source has it after winning the lottery of a huge sum if money he successful throwed out party for his friends in celebration of the winning .
Later after he was overheard argueing with an unidentified person from his phone as  he makes Call.

He eventually told his friends he was going to see somebody but never revealed the persons identity as he goes unfortunately for him he never returned with his life ...
His body was found in estates the next day.

A resident who doest want to be identified served punch with some information on saturday saying :

He said, “I was sipping tea around 7am when I heard the chairman blowing a whistle. I thought it was strange, but my wife called my attention to the surging crowd on the estate.
“I went downstairs and saw the corpse on the road. Like everybody, I was alarmed. We could not tell how the corpse got there or who he was. He had multiple stab injuries in the head. We all resolved that the case should be reported at the FESTAC Police Station.”

It was later where some of the victim friend identified him.

The source added “The man won a lot of money in a lottery and from last Thursday to Friday, he was asking his friends to drink at his expense.

“He was called on the phone that Friday evening and he went to meet a man. I suspect that a gang stabbed him and used an object to hit him in the head. There were bruises on his knees and it appeared they dragged him on the floor as well.

“When the police were removing his corpse, blood was dripping from his mouth and nostrils. He was murdered in cold blood.”

Sp Dolapo a police officer who have confirmed the case and transfer it to criminal investigation department of lagos sate .

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