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Monday, 12 September 2016

When korea was in Recession they gave out their Gold to government for sell in order come out of recession : Buhari adviser advices

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Adeyemi Dipoelu who is a special adviser to president Buhari was interviewed on channel TV there he revealed  that before Nigeria  could revive back that every body must be active over the economy difficulty.

Adeyemi who added that when Korea was in same condition to Nigeria they were very supportive to the government by giving out their Gold for sell so that they would come out of economy difficulties

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"We have to realize that economics is not Physics. You have to think flexibly around economics. You have to realize that certain policies may not give you the desired effects immediately. There may be time lag. There may be geographical differences. People character may differ. When Korea faced economic crisis in 1997/98, I saw pictures of women in thousands, coming out and giving their golds to their country so it can be sold so they can get out of this difficulty. So there are social dimensions to tackling problems. I think it is important to realize that all hands have to be on deck"he at
Adeyemi who have proven wrong about of the economic team of Nigeria not coordinated

"It s not true that the economic team is not coordinated. The economic management team meets every week. Sometimes twice a week. Sometimes late at night deliberating and sharing views but as with all aspects, there are always interfaces that need to be properly managed. So the Central Bank has its own role, statutory. There is coordination but there are sometimes tension between policies because you have different policy objectives but you have to manage them to get the best balance and that is what the team meets regularly to debate and argue and say why don't we do it this way. So there is a lot of ongoing work and I think by and large, things will be resolved eventually"he said

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