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Friday, 16 September 2016

Widows and abducted girls abducted by BoKo Haram terrorist handed over to borno govt by Nigerian army.

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Kashim shettima who is currently borno state governor has explained adminstration about care of family affected by boko haram terrorist group,

And also added in destroying completely the terrorist group with special force in order to secure the future of borno state.

He made this speech in september 16th on Friday .


His Excellency who received 355 breastfeeding babies 
149 mother breastfeeder
62 runaways during boko haram operation in borno state

Mostly of the people are believed to be family affected by boko haram during their wicked operation in the North , They victims were saved by the Army when the came with reinforcement.

Brigadier general who is Ezugwu Victor and also in charge of the 7th division the Nigerian Army 
Handed over the 566 People to borno state government
The borno state Govt in collaboration with UNICEF
And NEMA has teamed up in rehabilitation for the insurgency .

Read shettima quoted text below:

"‎What is of importance we should all know, is that an average male member of the Boko Haram has one great wish and that wish is for his son or daughter to inherit his doctrine of violence. The insurgents seriously take to child bearing as a strategy of not only multiplying their numbers but also producing children they hope, will continue from where their fathers stop in violent killings as their own form of worship. The goal of Boko Haram fathers is that even if they are killed by our armed forces, they want to bequeath to us, a future of violence in Borno State, a future of violence in the northeast and a violent future for our country. Our ultimate aim in taking custody of families of insurgents is to cut the cycle of violence so as to secure the future of Borno State. Our aim is to give education to the children of the insurgents so that these children will grow to despise the values and doctrines their parents lived and preached. The children will not be trained with any element of hate for their parents, they won't even be told about the ways of their parents so that they don't grow with deflated self esteem. These children will be raised like every other child, they will be raised to love and not to hate like their parents wished for them. They will be trained to safe lives and contribute to building and growing communities not to take lives and destroy communities like their parents would wish. This is why we are determined to take care of these children. I am speaking in English knowing that they don't hear what I am saying because we don't want them to have low self esteem. We will train them to have big dreams and to pursue their dreams of becoming productive citizens. Some of these children will be future leaders, many will be doctors, Engineers, lawyers and some may even grow to join the military if they choose to. They will Insha Allah, contribute to nation building and part of the future of Borno State. We must love and care for each other. We have witnessed so much hatred and violence. Our hearts have been too consumed by agony. We must use the remaining space in our hearts to love and to share love and brotherhood".

His Excellency who have claimed most of the people under govt custody to be innocent .

"There are some part of our citizens that may be raising eye brows whenever we are seen taking custody, loving and caring for families of members of the Boko Haram insurgents whether their widows or their children"

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