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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

You are old doesnt mean you are sensible, 9ice disses with koffi in defense on his personality .

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You are old doesn't mean you are sensible !

Abolore Akande popularly known as 9ice have dropped his statement on koffi as he was interviewed about the comment koffi made about kiss Daniel  in his Instagram page  saying :
" kiss Daniel is a carbon copy of 9ice who was so proud and he lost out his career "

He dropped this comment below in and interview with Goldyme in defense of the comment koffi made about him..
He said he has been into music for about 22 years from now , revealing that not all aged men are matured upstairs "

“Sometimes it’s not by age. When you’re old, doesn’t mean you’re sensible. You can be 40 and still be immature, I won’t say more than that.” He said

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