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Thursday, 27 October 2016

I wanted to raise money for poultry farm : A graduate caught in car theft explains

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A man identified as Ladislas Ukpabi a graduate who studied animal science in plateau state university was caught in the crime of car robbery .

Ukpabi who was given a chance of explanation to state why he ventured into robbery 
He said to  punch: “I regret what I did. If I’m well funded, I can raise about 10,000 birds without losing one I’m not boasting about it, I can do that very well right from the hatchery to the laying point.”

Ukpabi who have been a notorious car hijacker in ABA state said he actually ventured into robbery to make enough funds to start a poultry farm.
So he then saw robbery as an option.

It was learnt that one Felix Anyanwu of Umuoda road in Aba had made a complaint that his Lexus Sports utility vehicle was snatched at gun point on August 8.
In further investigation the police have arrested igwe Oluoma in ABA who helps in re- registration of stolen vehicles .

Exhibits retrieved from the syndicates include locally made single barrel shit gun with six unused bullet ,
One lexus RX 330 SUV car ,A Honda GRD car ,a master key and standing fan .

Moses Nwosu was also arrested as one of their re- painter who re- paint stolen cars .
Moses have also claimed he doesn't know whether it was a stolen vehicle or not .

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