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Monday, 3 October 2016

Spending habit of most governors brings about poverty to Nigeria - Ex Anambra state Governor says

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The former governor of Anambra state ,governor Peter Obi 
Who have been known nationally as a man of Economic taste,a man known of humility and gentleness..
Have lamented on the Economic crisis of Nigeria therby blaming it on national office holders of their spending irregularities.
This he said at a time of speech at convenant Christian center 
Adding that there is enough money in the country that all we need to do is to manage them well.
Peter said he saved over #75bn for Anambra state 
He said he saved $50m and N7b in Access bank, $55m and N10b in Fidelity bank, and $155.4m in Diamond bank.

Spending habit of most governors brings about poverty saying in accordance to his speech at CCC ( convenant Christian center) adding the state can do much better on there own.

Obi said  “There is nothing wrong with borrowing. The crisis we are facing is that we do not know what we are using the money we are borrowing for. Nigeria can make good use of the money if the leaders reduce spending.” 

He advices Governors to spend less on running their offices and maintaining their aides.

Continuing, peter said
: “Do away with unconstitutional office of the First Lady. Reduce Governor’s cars to 2, instead of 6 bullet-proof cars. Reduce government house jeeps instead of 25 jeeps.”

He gave an example of how much it cost him to travel to Abuja sayig it was almost 10m
He later cut down the expenses 
He also gave an outstanding example on how he saved #500m 

“When Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo wanted to come to Anambra state, they were supposed to used N500m to construct a presidential lodge, but I asked the President to sleep in my house through-out his stay,” he said.

But will those occupying these offices listen? 

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