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Saturday, 26 November 2016

ANSU robbers burnt to death : Ansu arm robbers killed by uli Angry mobs

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Robber burnt to death

Life and real just as you seeing it....
There have been a whole lots of curiosity in the air around my school area when a gun was heard yesterday night ,I was in a restaurant feeding my stomach when  I heard a sounding gun shot around me and it was about ANSU ( anambra state university ) robbers burnt to death who are shooting up a gun.
It all started when an ANSU motorcycle snasher snashed a motorcycle from a motorcyclist in Ansu school front pointing at him a gun on his face 
But as the motor cycle snasher have smashed the bike away and on the run with the bike the motorcycle owner cried out to indigenes and a hot pursuit was given to him , whole betide the victim he ran out of fuel and the motorcycle eventually stopped along the way ..

So he was caught beaten up by uli Angry mobs and was eventually burnt to death at the spot .
It was also learnt from a source who revealed that victim was also a member who killed a student last month as they were trying to rob the student .
Right now the burn tbody  is now been given out to police for more investigations.

See more photos below:
Ansu robbers caught

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