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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Governor set to reveal audio-visual clip about election rigging by APC leaders .

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Governor of River state  , His excellency Nyesom wike have revealed saying in the upcoming week that state govt will unveil the recorded audio of a state police planning with politicians on the rigging of elections of December 10 re-run election ,
what a corrupt nation!

In speech on rehabilitation of General hospital in Akuku- toru area on monday 
Governor Wike made known that he will be revealing audio-visual footages to public in different media station about rigging of INEC with the backing of the police and other security agencies .

He noted that the 600 policemen working with the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS ) in the state, the police commissioner has already distributed them to APC leaders on a local government basis for the indiscriminate arrests of PDP supporters few days to the election.

 Governor Wike assumed SARS personel whom are distributed to different areas to cause unprecendented violence on the day of election , so that APC leaders will have room to make their rigging to the results handed to them by the INEC leaderships .

see what Governor wike said
: "We are now in possession of the DVD of how the Police Commissioner and some politicians were planning on how to rig the forthcoming Legislative re-run elections in Rivers State. At the appropriate time, we shall release the materials for Nigerians to understand the depth of the electoral fraud being perpetrated by INEC and Police.
"For the security of this all important audio-visual material, we have mass produced them and kept them at different locations. Nigerians are entitled to know the truth about the unfortunate rigging machine."

also added: "Now that we have caught them on tape, this will shake the world. Rivers State is not like other states where you can plot and execute easy rigging plans.

"We are ahead of them by 50 steps. If they take one step, we take 50. On behalf of our people, we shall continue to monitor these persons who are trying to steal the mandate of our people."

hmmm lets this not lead to political crisis , hope they aren't trying to conspire against APC. 

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