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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How this Dude changed his name to Iphone 7 in order to earn Iphone 7..wonderful

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check this our an electronic company in ukraine  who set up a challenge about giving a brand new iphone 7 to anybody who changes his or her legal name to Iphone 7.
In accordance with the associate press who revealed that a 20 years old boy stepped out to the show and decided to change his name as IPHONE CIM (CIM) which stands for 7 at their language

The guy actualy changed his name to that and as promised he got his brown new Iphone 7
which is about $850 dollar at ukraine .
The boy original name was olexander turin

hmmm! had it been jumia did this type of thing in Nigeria some girls might even change their grandfather name join ...lol

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