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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Justice Ofili Ajumogobia fails to clear herself from EFCC investigation( details)

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One of the 15 judges arrested by EFCC by name Rita Ofili - Ajumogobia have been going round Nigerian at different state in search of property in which she claimed to have inherited it from her late mother ..
However the search was very useless and void because no property was found under her control ,
She travelled from from lagos to Benin to asaba taking along with her EFCC officials and still no property was found under her . 

According to one the EFCC on which he revealed that : A bus which carried Justice Ofili Ajumogobia following along with her some anti corruption agents arrived first at Benin city capital of Edo state ,in direction of where the justice oFili directed them about the claimed acquired building on which $900k was assumed to have been an income from the assets which she claim to have acquired it from her late mother .
She also added that her brother and a lawyer based in Asaba are the one managing the properties for her , unfortunately for her agent travelled to Benin city to verify the properties which she claim to have been her source of income found nothing .
According to source : Justice ofili who sat at the back of the bus  muttered to her handheld device as she was been drove to Benin city .
Chai wonder how she want to sort things out by then..!

As the arrived to Benin ,Justice ofili brother layed out an open confession saying that the house the are looking for is truly owned by their late mother but her sister conived him to claim that $120k wired to his account was from rental fees from the house.

The EFCC operatives said as her brother layed out an open confession concerning the wired money into his account Justice Ofili voice dimed down and she started claiming that the lawyer not known to her brother managed the property.

She claim not to remember the address of the building that fetches her money as he told one of the agent .
The agent who reminded her that her brother claim not to know the address of the building ,she then told them to proceed to Asaba that at that extent she will be able to reach the lawyer in charge of the mysterious building .

Angrily the  EFCC agents demanded to speak with the lawyer in advance as they drove to Asaba. 
Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia reportedly called the lawyer number  and handed her phone over to an EFCC agent. 
The man then promised the EFCC agents that he would be waiting to receive them in Asaba, adding that he was visiting a community outside Asaba.

On arriving to asaba Justice ofilii told the EFCC agents that the lawyer have travelled to Owerri ,
Angrily the agents dialed the lawyers number and it was already switched off .
The anxious members of the EFCC angrily asked the judge to direct them to the building she claimed to have been acquiring money from still reminded them of not knowing the exact location of the building .

The agent who peaceful spent a night in asaba ,
But seized her phone in order not to plan an evil act against them .
As the about to embark on journey it was noticed that the judge had another hidden in her wrapper on which the took it away.

Despite all phones which have been seized from her she still mutter at bus as the go back to Lagos 
,as the reached their destination in Lagos the Judge was searched once more just to discover she was with more than five phones with her including an IPAD.

It was assumed by the agents that phone collected from her have been paltfrom where she conive secretly about the cash transaction that was made and how to place a suitable lie about the case .
The phone will be sent to experts as planned to investigate all call summary in details.

A senior agent at EFCC examined the drama of Justice Ofili Ajumohobia saying that agency might revoke bail accusing her of making moves against their investigation task.
Nawaoooo this is really an interesting story

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