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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Kanye west hospitalised for health assurance

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kanye in hospital

Do you know Kanye west cancelled his concert ?
Do you know Kanye west is now hospitalized ?
According to source Kanye west felt so exhausted and weak that resulted for him to cancel his concert and kindly agreed to pay back money which his fans bought ticket for the concert .
According to reports, it was revealed that Kanye west have been hospitalized in Lo Angeles hospital
after he canceled the remaining dates for his National tour.

This is believed to have started days after ranting onstage about Jay-z and Beyonce and walked out of stage just after three songs .. I wonder what happened?

source from reports revealed  that the Los Angeles police responded to a medical welfare call at 1.20PM (U.S West Coast Time). it was then West was transported via ambulance and he was restrained for refusal .
It was also assured that no criminal case was recorded that taking him to Hospital against his will was for his health and safety assurance.

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