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Monday, 7 November 2016

Lecturer of UNIOSUN caught in s*x video with a female student ( see photo)

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Mallam Yusuf Ali  the chairman of  Governing council in Osun State university have sacked the lecturer known by name as Olabode Ojoniyi of the department of languages and linguistics for the offence of sleeping around with a female student on which he was caught with a video tape of his deeds 
The student is known by name as Mercy Ikwue.
It was also heard that there amorous relationship
Have started long ago.

A member of the Governing council confirmed the sacking of the lecturer to punch on Sunday .
He said, “The Council met last week and the report of the panel that investigated Ojoniyi’s amorous affair with the female student was deliberated upon. His appointment was terminated because that is the penalty stated in the Code of Conduct of Staff of Osun State University.”

There are also other members apart from a member who revealed his sacked to punch .
3 lecturers and a professor have also confirmed him sacked .
The s*x video which stand as an evidence that lead to the lecturer been sacked from his work was recorded and captured by the female student ...
Hmm this is very interesting....
According to the student she confessed she have been pressurized for so long by her lecturer Ojiniyi for s*x , so at a time she agreed and followed him to his his arranged place which is a hotel not knowing the female student have arranged his doom day for him..
The female student went there with her laptop as she pretended she was watching a movie titles " things fall apart " while she was also recording there s*xual deeds .
Ojiniyi have not only terminated himself ...he also confessed that one the lecturer was also responsible for blackmailing him .
The accused lecturer have also been dismissed from the university for misconduct and as a person behind the drama ..
It was said to be the one who conspired against Ojiniyi,
Perhaps Ojiniyi never denied been the one in the video.

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