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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

MMM problem : House of reps instruct EFCC to haunt MMM promoters .

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This have been a pain in the ass to some people ,MMM have been helping most Nigerians in this Economic Recession to overcome financial challenges which is good thing though.

The house of reps have instructed EFCC( economic and financial crime commission ) to go against all money making machine promoters MMM,or otherwise mavrobi mondial moneybox in Nigeria.
Lawmakers have firmly stand against the scheme saying it a poison scheme which is termed to shut down unexpectedly in no determined time ,therfore have stood against the scheme which has gone viral in Nigeria in this time of economic Recession.

As told and experienced MMM gives 30% in return of your capital on which you invest into the system
And it gives you 30% in 30 days .
For example: 50,000 gives you 65,000 in 30 days .

MMM it's said to have originated from Russia 
involves directing clients to make money available for an anonymous person with a promise of 30 percent return within one month.”

But our house of reps have declared this month watering scheme as a scam urging us Nigerains not to be carried aways by the 30 % sweet returns of investment.

Law makers have describes the trick in MMM saying their aim is to attract more Nigerains in the scheme as many as possible to invest and make money before the bubble burst ...but the most interesting and confusing thing is that the money is been paid to another member not the founder account.

The house as said earlier have directed EFCC security agencies to go round and halt the scheme promoters before many Nigerians will be a victim of the upcoming blast ,
It's also asked banking committees and financial to help in investigating the activities of MMM 
“with a view to saving Nigerians participating in the scheme from you financial ruin.”

Hmmm nawaooo ...please if you cannot take the risk to get the gain they should please leave people who have the mind to take they risk ...I am sure they are very much aware it won't last long but the important fact about it is to enjoy it while it last ,
Thats what life is all about ." Enjoy life while it last"

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