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Monday, 21 November 2016

pastor gave out 10 million Naira to acid bathed girl

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 Have you heard??
Iginila Joshua a high pastor at champions Royal assembly at Abuja have completed his promise as he gave out 5 million naira to Jamila Yusuf who was acid bathed by her boyfriend ,Joshua who initially promised Yusuf 10 million naira completed it as he gave out the  remaining 5 million.

pastor joshua also gave oppurtuinity to members of his chuurch to also partcipate in helping this poor girl, he also boosted to be able to pay all the money if  no member had helped .

pastor joshua lived up his promise as he complete the money with 5 million naira.
as kind as he is ,he have processed her visa and passport of Yusuf together with Yusuf brother DR.Eghosa who will be accompanying her abroad .

A statement from the church reads:
In continuation of his philanthropic gesture, Bro. Joshua Iginla, the Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja, on Sunday, gave additional N5m to complete the N10m promised to acid victim, Jamila Yusuf, who was bathed with acid by her boyfriend.

Bro. Iginla announced his sponsorship of Jamila's medical trip to India for a reconstruction surgery, including her brother and a Medical Doctor, Dr. Osamaojo Eghosa, who would accompany them.

"I am told by medical Doctors they might stay in India for up to three months. About N900,000 came in from outside apart from the N5m that I gave.

"So bring another 10,000 U.S. dollars and four bail of N500 (N1 million) to make it N10 million. I was told someone from Abuja here donated 4,300 Rupees to that," Bro. Iginla said.

"So by this week, they are travelling to India and when they come back, we will update you again to see what has been done.

"They have gotten the Visa and her brother and Doctor Eghosa who will accompany her there.
The money was publicly handed over to Yusuf in the church ,in dollars and rupees /naira.
Did i hear given out publicly ...hmmm okay ohh..hope she will be safe.

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