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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Uninted States cuts down Nigerias deal of buying Air craft to fight Boko haram.

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It's have been revealed that united States of America ( USA) govt have cut down Nigeria deal of buying an aircraft to attack boko haram .
It was considered to be crucial in the war against boko haram.
According to investigation it was noticed that USA blocked Nigeria from acquiring an air craft A-29 super Tucano light ground attack from Brazil .
Hmmm that will be super d*adly machine .
Following the reason for the block .
A source revealed to punch ng  that Nigeria and Brazil was almost done with the deal of buying an aircraft A-29 before the united state of America  who are the inventors of those air craft interrupted the deal.
It was also noticed that leaders of Armed forces of Nigeria have taken the decision to replace Alpha jet platform of Nigeria Air force with the latest A-29 super Tucano ground attack clearer.
Source also added that Brazil became reluctant about the deal as the were enthusiastic about the deal before.
As he added too that USA caution Brazil who acquired 99 of the A-29 super ground attacker from USA military firm ,embraer defence system, that the deal should be on hold due to human rights involving Nigeria military.

The USA who also prevented  administration of Goodluck Jonathan from acquiring Boeing CH-47 Chinok helicopters from Israel in January 2015 due to "human rights issues" involving Nigeria military.

This ammunitions produced by USA firm can only be sold on the approval of the USA ,unlike the
 case of the A-29 Super Tucano, the Boeing CH-47 Chinok helicopters were produced by US firms and could only be sold with approval by the Americans.

The latest development has dimmed indications that the US was relaxing the arms embargo on the country with the election of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.
Darrel Isah who is currently the USA Congress man after sitting a meeting with service chiefs and defence authorities in August 2015  have empowered US relaxing the embargo on helping countries with military ammunitions which under the law of Leahy

The Leahy law which prohibits USA defence sector from providing military assistance to countries that contraven human rights .
The arms have instructed Nigeria government to look into Asia and Eastern Europe for ammunitions to fight boko haram ,
USA are so strict on human rights I wonder if boko haram still deserve human rights... Nawaooo..
It was also learnt that fedearal govt have paid for 10 super mushak trainers from Pakistan and they will be expected to be in the country around 1st week of December 2016.
12 mj 35m and one of the latest helicopter gun ship have been planned to be imported into Nigeria from Russia.
Hmm this is a whole act if war against boko haram..
If only all this weapons been imported into Nigeria can compell this terrorist group called boko haram .

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